Running A Multiverse Event

There will be opportunities to run events throughout the time period. The two main kinds of event are skits and games. Skits take place in #Multiverse-Orrery and games in progress may be viewed there in character. The games themselves take place in another channel, #Multiverse-Event. Generally there will be 3 hour blocks of time during which skits or games may be run, but not both simultaneously. After that there will be a buffer of 1 hour before the next event begins. Events are run in the spirit of participation, community spirit, and fun. It is understood in advance that it will not all go perfectly, so there is no sense worrying about it too much.

Skits take place in the Multiverse setting and may make use of the characters present. They may be of any kind; a contest of some sort, a standup routine, or any other audience-participation game common across RP channels. GMs wishing to run a skit are requested to give a rough estimate of how long it will be expected to take.

Games may be run for a variety of different reasons. Some GMs are looking for new players, and others are just looking to have fun. GMs may make their recruiting intentions clear if they wish, before or after the event. All scheduled games by default are viewable from The Orrery and characters participating will be removed from the setting for that time period. Games are encouraged to make use of settings active on DarkMyst, whether the intention is to recruit new players or otherwise.

Those wishing to run a game or skit are invited to contact Tenebrae to discuss structure and timing.

The Multiverse will take place regardless of whether DarkMyst GMs wish to run a multitude of scheduled skits and games. There is no deadline. If there are gaps in the schedule and a GM has an idea for an event during the course of Multiverse, he will be allowed to play it out, especially if it is a simple skit.

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