The following channels will be used during the Multiverse Event. All links will open a new window, but additional channels can be opened in the Mibbit client using the /join #channel command.

#RPG-Hub – OOC Channel: This channel is typically used as a gathering point for players across the network to congregate and chat, as well as locate a game. However, during the course of the event, it will also be used as the OOC channel for players participating in Multiverse. If you’re playing, it’s a good idea to be in this channel.

#Multiverse – The Wellspring Inn – Bar Area: This is the main IC channel for Multiverse. Tables and chairs of various sizes are scattered throughout, and the outer walls feature lounge areas with fireplaces and couches. A large spiral staircase takes you upstairs to the 2nd floor lounge.

#Multiverse-Orrery – The Wellspring Inn – Orrery: The Orrery room contains a viewing area for characters to view and comment upon events in progress. While events are not going on, the small stage at the end of the room plays host to skits.

#Multiverse-Upstairs – The Second Floor Lounge (18+ Adults Only): The upstairs is a comfortable room with subdued lighting, love seats, and a handful of tables. There is a large balcony opening to the rear with a view of the red-hued autumnal forest canopy and the ocean Panthalassa just beyond. An even taller, boxy, gray metallic building off to the right mars the view slightly.
* Note: No graphic sex scenes are allowed in this channel. Please take these scenes to private messages or outside channels.

#Multiverse-Patio – The Patio and Courtyard of Multiverse (Overflow Channel): The patio is a wooden deck adjacent the forest. It is adorned with outdoor furniture, stone fire pits and tables. A bar is available near the entrance to the main tavern, and there is an entrance/exit available through a walkway that leads to the outside of the main tavern.
* Note: This channel is to be considered an “overflow” channel and should only be used when the main channel (#Multiverse) is busy.

#Multiverse-Forest – The Forest: The Wellspring Inn is surrounded by a small rectangular forest of about 4.5 acres. The Forest is open at all times for characters desiring a breath of fresh air, who wish to ‘take it outside,’ or for any other reason. Skits requiring a larger space than a small stage may take place here. Characters wishing a truly private instance of the Forest may make one themselves on any other channel or simply use private messages.

#Multiverse-Event – The Event Channel (No Regular RP Permitted): Only scheduled events take place in this channel.
* Note: Regular RP is not permitted. To view a list of scheduled events, view the schedule.

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