What is Multiverse?

Multiverse is an event founded and sponsored by the DarkMyst IRC Network and RPG-Hub. It is a multi-genre, multi-world event where you can truly bring creativity to life.

Players from across all communities, all IRC networks, and all parts of the world are invited to participate in this event. Have you ever wondered what your vampire character from your favorite World of Darkness channel would do if they met another vampire from a completely different world or time period? Or what would happen if your hard-bitten mercenary with a shotgun sees a pixie throwing pixie dust onto a not-so-happy werewolf?

Multiverse is about players meeting new players across completely different games and genres than the norm. It’s about good role-playing, having fun, and empowering creativity and your imagination. If you’re new to IRC role-playing or would like to see what it’s all about, this is the perfect event to observe or get started with. Mark your calendars for this event – you will not want to miss it!

When is Multiverse?

The next Multiverse will be hosted early in the new year, either January or February 2018.


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